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Basics Of Choosing Luggage That Will Last

What’s do you need to think about when you’re choosing a piece of luggage? There are many things – and they are more than just price and color! Let’s take a look at things you need to consider when you’re buying a piece of luggage, whether to check for the baggage handlers to load on the plane or for use as a carry on.

What Is It Made Of?

First of all, look at the material used. Leather may seem nice, but it is heavy and more apt to show the wear and tear. It is also more expensive than other options, and sometimes is more likely to be singled out to be stolen or items stolen from it because of the perceived wealth of someone who had a leather bag.

The most commonly used for luggage now is nylon or polyester. It is resilient – very unlikely to be scratched or punctured. They are usually water resistant, and some manufacturers add a water-resistant coating on the outside of the bag.

Shaped Or Shapeless?

Some pieces of luggage are designed to keep their shape even when nothing is inside. If they are not rigid, they can often be pushed into tight spots, which can be an advantage. Solid sided luggage can be very strong, but are rarely used for carry on luggage.

Pockets? Compartments?

Some bags include extra compartments that can help with organizing your luggage, for example, a bag for makeup and toiletries that unsnaps to go into the bathroom with you at your hotel. There are often pockets on the outside of the bag, which is a great place to put things you want to get to easily. On your carry on luggage, this can hold your tickets or passport.

Think About Weight

Generally speaking, the bigger the bag, the heavier it is. And when it is made sturdily, it will tend to weigh more, too. When you add your stuff inside….ugh! Be sure you can still handle it. Even if it has wheels, it will still have to be carried once in a while – over your head into a storage bin or up and down stairs. Also, for some flights they are restricting weight for carry on luggage as well as checked luggage.

Hey, Look Me Over!

Look at the outside of the bag you are thinking of buying. See if there are parts to it that look like they could be easily damaged by baggage handlers. Be sure the wheels are partially recessed so they are less likely to be knocked off – a wheeled bag without wheels is a very heavy bag to carry. Does the zipper look good, not likely the tab will break? Does the handle feel sturdy, or does it wiggle? It needs to be sturdy because it will get worse as it is used over time. What about the length of the handle? Be sure it is a comfortable length for you. A man of 6 feet needs a handle longer than a woman of 5’3” in order for it to be comfortable to use. Some handles are adjustable!

If you are an aware buyer, you can get a quality piece of luggage that will meet your needs and last for a long time.

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